Corporate Sustainability.

We believe that giving back is good for the soul. That's why we have implemented a sustainability program that seeks and encourages social and environmental responsibility, both at home and abroad.

We are committed to our ethical and sustainable business model, which not only actively supports social change on a local level, but also on a national and global scale.

So what are we doing to drive social change?

  • Since early 2018, Vive Group has been supporting FunFlight through the provision of pro-bono branding, design and marketing services. FunFlight is a national charity organisation dedicated to building beautiful and lasting memories for children facing adversity. For more information, visit  
  • Since 2010, Vive Group has provided in-kind design and advertising support to The Royal Children’s Hospital’s Good Friday Appeal as part of the ‘Charity Auction House’ initiative driven by Villawood Properties and Henley. For more information visit
  • Since 2007, we have supported Compassion through financial assistance of a Child Survival Centre and a Leadership Development student in Uganda. Currently, we are sponsoring 12 children through Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program. Our children live in Ghana, Indonesia and El Salvador. Visit for more information
  • We are avid supporters of ‘Watoto’, an organisation in Uganda raising orphaned children, and empowering vulnerable women, and inspiring them to become future leaders. Vive Group assisted in building a home within a community village and we continue to support the Watoto Living Hope Program. Visit for more information

What about environmental sustainability?

  • Our new office incorporates various energy-efficient and environmentally-sensitive principles in its design in order to minimise the building’s embodied energy. Products such as rainwater tanks, sensor lights, double-glazed timber windows, low-VOC paints, and high-grade insulation have been utilised. Harnessing natural light supplemented with LED lighting and generating passive air flow to minimise dependency on air-conditioning have also been implemented within the design
  • We practice and encourage recycling, and minimise paper use
  • Wherever possible, we choose FSC (Forestry Steward Council) accredited and recycled carbon neutral paper
  • Vive Group has contributed to the planting of over 23,000 trees through a non-profit Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offset program that not only creates biodiverse habitat for rare and endangered flora and fauna but generates employment for local Indigenous people and actively supports the rural economy