Australia for Christ Church.


Australia for Christ Church (AFCC) is a not-for-profit organisation that engaged Vive Group to assist with a brand refresh and positioning.


It was identified that the current church brand was out of touch with the new and emerging cultures of their members.

Proceeding the brand refresh, Vive Group was tasked with branding the Australia for Christ Church 2014 conference called, ‘Breakthrough.’

Vive Group’s first step was research and analysis within the local congregation. Findings confirmed that a more youthful, multicultural, family focused audience was to be considered. Vive Group was able to develop a vibrant, youthful, and engaging brandmark.

Along with the new brandmark, a simplistic tagline, ‘Everyone’s welcome’, was developed to assist in the repositioning journey of the Church. The logo and tagline lock up created a warm, friendly, open, and approachable place to engage and find faith.

Vive then worked on the development of the ‘Breakthrough’ Conference which created a highly engaging concept of a swimmer breaking out of water. This represented the opportunity of breaking through from one’s circumstances.

The concept was well-received by the existing congregation and ignited much interest from many visitors at AFCC.

In partnership with the Church’s Marketing Team, Vive Group event-managed the conference from its initial stages of planning and concept development, right through to the deliverables on the day of the conference.

This successfully resulted in high levels of enquiries and attendees.

Successful deliverables for the project include: logo development, conference registration form, pull-up banners, screensaver, press ad, poster, brochure, guest card, signage and stationery.


Welcome Brochure.



Guest Card.




Business Card.


Conference Registration Brochure.