Cienna / YourLand Developments.


Regionally-acclaimed property developer YourLand Developments engaged Vive Group to assist with its growth into Melbourne’s western region.





YourLand’s first project in metro Melbourne, Cienna, needed to be positioned as an urban-designed community that delivered on the eclectic blend of urban and rural living in the heart of Melton. Vive’s first task involved running a Creative Brand Workshop with the development’s major stakeholders. This assisted in distilling the brand’s core values, essence, and unique personality.

Successful deliverables for the project include: brand development and positioning, creative strategy, photography, signage, website, business expo setup and support collateral, event management and marketing brochures.

Yourland Cienna Logo


Yourland Cienna Brochure

Yourland Cienna Brochure 2

Yourland Cienna Brochure 3

Business Card.

Yourland Cienna Business Card


Yourland Cienna Board


Yourland Cienna Expo