Radius / Stralliance.


This North Melbourne-based project of 19 contemporary apartments and 7 townhouses was located in an area rich in arts and culture.


With a distinct style and vibe all its own, our brand needed to capture the essence and idiosyncrasies of North Melbourne in order to truly appeal to the target audience. 

Vive Group started with the name ‘Radius’, a name based on the notion of ‘taking in all that is around you.’ We then created branding that focused on being a part of a neighbourhood that embraced expressiveness and individuality.

Vive utilised urban-style location photography to capture North Melbourne’s environment and further deepen the overall experience. Over 50% of presales were achieved at launch.

Successful deliverables: Brand development and brandmark, creative strategy, project brochure, location photography, art direction, copywriting and mapping.

Radius Lgo

Concept brochure.

Stralliance Radius Brochure1

Stralliance Radius Brochure 2

Stralliance Radius Brochure4

Stralliance Radius Brochure3

Stralliance Radius Brochure5

Stralliance Radius Brochure2

Stralliance Radius Brochure7

Location photography.

Stralliance Radius Location Photography

Stralliance Radius Location Photography 2

Stralliance Radius Location Photography 3


Stralliance Radius Map