Peet RePeet / Peet.


Vive Group approached their client, PEET, with a concept for a broad statewide sales promotion to drive enquiry and increase sales for PEET’s Victorian projects. 

Vive’s strong retail campaign used a very memorable strapline – ‘PEET RePEET’ – to cleverly position the PEET brand top of mind.


The campaign created strong brand awareness for PEET and their projects, with web traffic significantly increasing on both their corporate and individual estate websites.

The campaign proved extremely successful, securing 34 sales and 39 holds for the month. This resulted in the campaign being extended for a further 6 weeks. The client’s sales team reported a major increase in enquiries, with 9,336 people being directed to the campaign landing page.

Successful deliverables for the ‘PEET RePeet’ campaign include: Campaign strategy and development, creative concept, press ads, radio scripts, online remarketing, web landing page, eDM, print and point of sale collateral.

Peet Repeet Logo




Peet Repeet Ad


Peet Repeet Flyer

Peet Repeet Flyer Inside


Peet Repeet Newspaper


Web banner.

Reet Repeet Web Banners