30-SEC TVC / Villawood Properties.


Villawood Properties wanted to advertise on both on metro and regional television their latest & greatest display villages located across Victoria. It was important we capture the 'Real' themes that the Villawood masterbrand would like to communicate to their audiences moving forward.


Vive Group developed the creative for the television commercial with a focus on real kids "Home Grown" from Villawood communities. This not only brought a genuine feel to the commercial but it also engaged existing purchasers to tell their friends and family about their children starring in a Villawood commercial!

Through the campaign, good social media interactions were achieved and a mass turn-out on the launch weekend across all four of their display villages. Printed campaign support collateral and POS were also executed with the TVC real theming.

Successful deliverables: Television commercials (4 variations, including individual communities profiled) scriptwriting, storyboarding,