Albright / Villawood Properties.


Villawood Properties commissioned Vive Group to bring the Albright brand and personality to life in the sales centre for its new community in Melbourne’s western growth corridor.


Located in a highly competitive market and with the added challenge of a nearby rail overpass obscuring visibility to the site, Vive Group designed a colourful and striking external façade helping to draw attention of passing motorists.

As the Albright visual language consisted of bright, overlapping colourful shards, we effectively translated this into the physical environment by painting the walls and floors in sections and ‘staining’ the windows using the sunlight to create a dynamic overlapping of colour, ensuring that the internal colour scheme is never the same two days in a row.

Furniture and finishes specified including the use of plywood allowed for the kaleidoscopic colour space to be the key feature, without it being overwhelming.

Place branding and communications deliverables: project management, construction management, signage, interior design, point of sale, window decals, furniture sourcing, kitchen design, electrical and plumbing plans.

Albright Sales Office

Albright Sales Office Exterior