Albright is a 500-lot community in Truganina, just 30 minutes west of Melbourne’s CBD. It is an area dense with competitors, many offering their own specialised features different to Albright, making it hard to stand out.

Faced with this challenge, branding became even more important as its main point of differentiation. This growth corridor attracts an audience with a largely ethnic background. Knowing this audience's cultural love of colour, Vive Group based the strategic positioning on celebrating a colourful and vibrant community. The name ‘Albright’ was then created by Vive Group, along with bright and joyful branding that encouraged buyers to ‘Colour Your Life.’

This branding was so successful that almost 130 groups of buyers overwhelmed the Albright sales office during the opening weekend. Successful deliverables: Creative strategy, brand development and positioning, photography, main brochure, stage flyers, signage, press ads, online collateral, sales office interior and exterior.