Rathdowne brochure
Rathdowne sales office


Branding and marketing communications was developed for a preeminent community in Melbourne’s thriving north that will be home to over 3,000 residents when complete.

Inspired by the famous Carlton street, Vive Group developed the positioning statement for Rathdowne as "The North’s New Icon". The brand strategy focused on the community’s three pillars – the unique residents’ club, the architecturally-designed major town centre and the landscaped waterways. The branding and marketing communications created by Vive Group cemented Rathdowne as the premier development in the region enabling the project to attain premium pricing.

Rathdowne business card

Buyer interest has been strong since launch and Villawood Properties is achieving enquiries and sales results well above their expectations. Successful deliverables include creative strategy, brand development and positioning, photography, main brochure, stage flyers, signage, press ads, online collateral, sales office concept and fit out.

Rathdowne Sales Office